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UK's leading hypnotherapist

Jakub Tencl Ph.D.

Mindfulness-based cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy

Jakub Tencl Ph.D. has become known for his uniquely effective methods, including a system of mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral hypnotherapy. A natural leader, he has organized multiple therapeutic groups, his commitment to his clients’ well-being always shining through.

When Jakub sets out to make something happen, he does so wholeheartedly. He is someone for whom motivation is always in abundance, and it is this highly efficient mindset that he tries to pass on to the people around him.

As a coach, Jakub is in demand. He is recognized for his ability to show people how they can uncover the best possible version of themselves and achieve their goals.

Jakub earned his Diploma in Hypnotherapy at HMI’s College and Clinic of Hypnotherapy, graduating in 2014. He then went on to study for his Level 5 Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Award at Stonebridge Associated Colleges and his Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) at Charter University. On top of that, he is a Certified Specialist in Trauma Recovery Hypnosis, Hypnosis for Immune Disorders, Smoking Cessation, Pain Management, and Healing the Inner Child.

As an author, Jakub has written multiple books, two of the most important of which are Perception from a Multicultural Perspective and The Mystery of Life, both of which are available on Amazon and other well-known bookstores. Perception from a Multicultural Perspective is a collection of his research-based conclusions on communication and being more effective overall in our interpersonal relationships, while The Mystery of Life is more about a spiritual journey, based in large part on his own life experiences, covering his lifelong search for truth. In both books, he draws on his experience in hypnotherapy and presents the culmination of his research-based conclusions for the benefit of his readers. He has also recorded CDs devoted to various hypnosis-related topics in two languages, CDs that are available on Amazon as well. The founder of The British Association of Therapists and Hypnotherapists and The Hypnosis Motivation College, initiatives devoted to the education and development of hypnotherapy students and professionals, showcasing his commitment to the practice as a whole, he is a well-respected leader in this industry.

Self Hypnosis For Coping Strategy

by Jakub Tencl Ph.D.

Working with Jakub over the past year has helped to bring about positive changes to my life’s journey. Through our sessions, I can say I am now feeling much more in control and secure in myself and the quality of my life has improved immensely. Jakub’s positive and calm nature creates a safe environment to begin working through tough emotional issues. And his ability to pick through a, sometimes, mess of words to find clarity in them helped to place me on a path authentic to my nature. I have found working with Jakub very helpful and I am happy to recommend him to anyone who needs a little bit of guidance in their lives.

Flo Quitania

Self Hypnosis For Stress Release

by Jakub Tencl Ph.D.

My course of mindfulness therapy with Jakub, has changed my view on life for the better. I felt unable to cope with situations, kept overthinking to an extent it was taking over my life and causing fatigue. The therapy was holistic look at various aspects in life and definitely contacted added bonuses to previous counselling I’ve had. Breathing patterns, stress, presentation skills and hypnosis was all incorporated. I can honestly said I feel much more positive with life, aware of how bad my stress was and able to manage it along with a more positive, confident outlook on life.

Jason Hale

Self Hypnosis For Overcoming Sleeping Deprivation

by Jakub Tencl Ph.D.

I got new insights and AHA moments on every single session, which have made shifts right away and helped me to move on faster. The sessions made me to look at situations in my life differently and find new paths where and how to go. I am very thankful, this has been certainly a big shift for me.

Maria Malecka

Self Hypnosis For Smoking Cessation

by Jakub Tencl Ph.D.


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I really recommend seeing Jakub, moving forward, I’d like to see him once a month to help keep me on this new positive mindset that he is helping me with. One session is great but, when you have a session with him, you’d want more and I like to keep people in my life who help me to be the best version of myself. I have received some sound positive advise from him that I will carry through. Thank you Jakub, I look forward to seeing you soon.

Alexis Thea


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